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Genesis is a full-service background screening firm whose mission is to help our clients make the best hiring decision by conducting thorough background checks and pre-employment testing.

Genesis Background Screening Services is recognized by the Federal Government as a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) and holds from the State of California, Private Investigator License 26900. We follow all State(s) and Federal regulations and add our professionalism to every facet of our business.

Genesis believes in personal support.

Our talented Research Specialists are always directly available to you to answer your questions and meet your needs. The team is reachable by phone, email, and even online chat – whatever is most convenient for you. Check out our client testimonials to hear directly from them how Genesis has become an easy and essential addition to their hiring process.

We know that background screening reports are a vital part of your company’s hiring philosophy and we work with you to support your HR Department’s mission to select only the best candidates to represent your company.

In today’s employment climate, employers face increasing challenges in maintaining compliance with the various and ever-changing employment laws and regulations. Genesis has well-respected employment attorneys on retainer who keep us updated on new laws/legislation/case law which we distill and pass on to you. All of the forms, sample policies, and procedures we suggest have been thoroughly vetted by our team of legal counselors.

Our Commitment to You

Genesis is committed to providing technology that serves you. From our modular/customizable GenApp™ to custom ATS/Payroll/HRIS integrations, we have the technical support to make your life easier. Reduce data entry redundancy, speed up hiring production, and increase your Human Resource efficiency by partnering with Genesis Background Screening Services.

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