Our technology helps you manage the entire employee life cycle.

Our technology tools for applicant to employee management are integrated into a configurable system allowing you to build a custom automated workflow. With our background screening platform that integrates into a wide range of ATS providers, you will be able to auto-post your positions to job boards and listing services to simplify recruitment efforts and access one-click background checks.

With GenApp™, online technology, applications can be customized to be easily completed and returned to your hiring managers. Applicants enter their own data and our system continuously pulls that information through every step of the employment life cycle.

Genesis’ various ATS Highlights Include:

  • Recruitment solutions that build winning ads, distributes the ads to job boards, and manages prospects
  • Custom on-line application forms
  • One-click ordering of background checks with results tracked and stored in the system
  • Schedule interviews and provide email notification
  • Online assessments to determine candidate’s suitability
  • Hiring solutions that complete company specific tasks

Our configurable GenApp™ ATS partners empower you to reduce the time and expense of IT system integration and helps you manage your business more efficiently through the entire hiring process – recruitment, background checks, and hiring decision. Our tools are smart, seamless, advanced, and the best-in-class.

When you become a Genesis client, we provide technology that helps:

  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Improve turn-around time on reports
  • Shorten your evaluation time
  • Improve your decision-making ability with background check services relevant to your industry

We know that up-to-date information is critical to your organization. Our goal is 100% accuracy on every report we produce. Many pre-employment screening companies give up when data acquisition becomes difficult, but we don’t! We know that data is a moving target and the ability to obtain current data for efficient background screening can change daily. We search for the best sources and our skilled professionals will find the information you need for your workforce background checks and screening.



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One-Click Genesis Technology


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  • Post ads on multiple job boards
  • Manage applications

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  • One-click ordering
  • Seamless real time results in platform

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  • Schedule interviews
  • Track interview results
  • Email alerts to candidates

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  • Custom digital paperwork solution
  • Secure online file storage