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Genesis Background Screening Services can help you through the hiring process with background checks, the types of background checks you need for your industry, understanding the background check process, employment verification, pre-employment criminal background check, and pre-employment drug screening. In addition, Genesis can help you build an ATS recruitment system or integrate our services into the ATS system you already have. You no longer need to worry about compliance issues when you work with Genesis Background Screening Services. Our expertise with the regulations and compliance requirements you face with hiring will streamline your process.

ATS Solutions

  • ATS is an Applicant Tracking System Features an online application, as well as a management portal for sorting, commenting on, and contacting applicants. Schedule interviews, send automated alert emails, and recruit top talent with the tools an ATS has to offer
  • We partner with many ATS providers (ATS providers should link to partner page) and offer integrated solutions with our partner ATS providers that allow you to place & review background screening orders from within the ATS platform
  • If you currently use an ATS, we may be able to set up integration, talk to one of our Consultants to learn more

GenApp TM

  • Our proprietary and completely free ATS
  • Works for employment applications and rental applications
  • For employment, it is a way to have your own online application that is branded to you
  • For tenants, an online application with the ability to have candidates pay the application fee via credit card through our portal directly to you


  • Worker’s comp checks: these searches can only be run after a candidate has begun employment, allows you to check for a past worker’s compensation claims or history of repeat claims
  • Employee exit interviews: Gather important data from employees who are leaving so that you can make decisions to guide retention or modify hiring practices

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