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Genesis Background Screening Services offers packaged solutions by industry or a custom background screening bundle that is designed specifically for your company’s needs. This ensures that your company has the resources to make the best hiring decisions, stay in compliance with current regulations and mitigate organizational risk. Whether your company is a small business or a large corporation, we can help you be time and cost efficient with your background checks, pre-employment drug testing, and best hiring practices.



In addition to our convenient packages, Genesis Background Screening Services provides the following searches A-La-Carte or as a custom background screening bundle:

County Civil Records Search

A live court researcher is dispatched to the county courthouse to check both the upper court and the lower court for civil records.

Federal Civil Records Search

A check of all federal courts in the nation for federal civil cases. Federal civil cases involve civil rights violations, suits that cross state lines.

Employment Verification

The Genesis researchers will contact your candidate’s previous employers to verify all pertinent employment facts. You may also establish additional questions to obtain the information that you need to make informed hiring assessments.

Professional License Verification

Verify an industry specific license, professional credentials, or organization membership.

Education Verification

We will verify the highest degree obtained from an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States.

Credit History Check

Genesis’s employment credit check details the candidate’s financial liabilities and payment history, following the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Worker’s Compensation History

Genesis uncovers claimant accident dates and type of injury reported. Available only in certain states.

I-9 & E-verify

A completely paperless and online form I-9 and E-verify solution with guided support for all E-verify statuses, plus complete tracking for compliance. A best-in-class solution for E-verify.

5-Panel or 10 Panel Drug Screening

Pre-employment drug screen for drugs of abuse. Using our paperless solution, you can send candidates to a drug screening clinic near any location (work site, office, home) with negative results delivered online in as little as 2 hours.

Breath Alcohol Test Breathalyzer

Administered at a certified health services clinic to check for the presence of alcohol in the candidate’s system.

County Criminal Records Searches

A live researcher is dispatched to the county courthouse where the applicant currently resides to check for misdemeanor and felony records. Our network of live researchers means that, depending on your location, you may have results within 72 hours.

Federal Criminal Record Check

Check all federal courts in the nation for federal crimes such as computer fraud and hacking, embezzlement, or forgery.

Eviction Look Up

Check our entire Nationwide database of reported evictions for any history of eviction.

ID Resolution

Directly confirm the candidate’s identity with the Social Security Administration.



This search is more than just your typical criminal records check – it is a multi-faceted hiring tool that includes a 50-state sex offender registry search, SSN validation, candidate address history, and a powerful national criminal database check.

Med Pro

Essential for anyone in the medical industry. Check for sanctions or debarments at the federal, state, and local level in one search.


Bankruptcy Filing Search

National check for bankruptcy filed by an individual or business.


Pre-Adverse Letters Service

We manage the delivery of the pre-adverse action letter required by federal law.


FREE Complimentary Report Summary Service

Summarize the findings of a candidate’s report in an easy to understand format.


DMV Report

Report exactly what the state DMV has on file for the candidate’s.


PSP (DOT Crash/Inspection Report)

DOT maintained records for crash and inspection history, essential for anyone in the trucking industry.


Income Tax Return Verification (ITRV)

Pull copies of a candidate’s tax returns.



Pre-Employment Physicals

Various physical examinations for any position type to assess risk of injury and overall job fitness.


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