Genesis B2B Screening Will Help Your Business Cement Solid Foundations Upon Which to Build a Prosperous Business Relationship.
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Partnering with a new company is a big decision with economic consequences and culpability.  The last thing that you want to worry about is the reputation and credit worthiness of your new partner. Utilize Genesis B2B Screening for your background checks and you will no longer have concerns about what you don’t know about your new business alliances.

B2B Screening is intended for business relationships that involve:

  • Extending a significant amount of credit to a new client
  • Unknown principals with whom you have no history
  • An entity that is geographically removed from your place of business
  • Evaluation for a new Joint Venture
  • Channel partner evaluation

Genesis B2B Screening will do background checks that confirm the new business partner’s contact information, assets, business licenses, and all corporate filings. We then provide an assessment of the information that we have gathered so that you have an at-a-glance summary of the new partner that you are evaluating. Whether you are a small business looking to expand or an established business with new partners seeking you out, Genesis B2B Screening is the best background check company to fully verify your potential business partners in order to dramatically minimize your risk.

Use a licensed company

All B2B background screenings are performed through our fully licensed Private Investigations Company, HALKAT Investigations, Inc. This allows us to perform full investigations and all necessary types of background checks of your potential business partners by accessing confidential information from former business partners, customers and clients, suppliers and vendors. Additionally we will conduct personal interviews, access any past court cases, obtain court files, collect civil and criminal court records, and check other government data sources providers.

Our background check process also identifies professional associations and affiliations, professional licenses and certifications.

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