We Understand the Challenges Faced by Companies that Provide Financial Services and the Types of Financial Background Screening You Need

Banks, brokerage houses, lending institutions, private equity firms, and insurance companies will benefit from working with an experienced pre-employment screening company like Genesis Background Screening Services to provide financial background screening. Our goal is to keep you in compliance with the regulations in your industry, ensure those who have access to the confidential information are risk free, and to reduce your legal and regulatory exposure from a bad hire.

Genesis Background Screening Services partners with you to customize a background screening program that includes best hiring practices for your business and fits regulations for your industry for:

  • FDIC
  • Federal Reserve Board
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • SEC
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We recommend the following additional workforce screening for anyone in the banking/financial industry in addition to the ProCheck Pre-Employment Package:

Credit History Check

Genesis’s employment credit check details the candidate’s financial liabilities and payment history, following the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

5-Panel or 10 Panel Drug Screening

Pre-employment drug screen for drugs of abuse. Using our paperless solution, you can send candidates to a drug screening clinic near any location (worksite, office, home) with negative results delivered online in as little as 2 hours.

County Civil Records Search

A live court researcher is dispatched to the county courthouse to check both the upper court and the lower court for civil records.

Employment Verification

The Genesis researchers will contact your candidate’s previous employers to verify all pertinent employment facts. You may also establish additional questions to obtain the information that you need to make informed hiring assessments.

Federal Civil Records Search

A check of all Federal courts in the nation for federal civil cases. Federal civil cases involve civil rights violations, suits that cross state lines.

Professional License Verification

Verify an industry specific license, professional credentials, or organization membership.

Education Verification

We will verify the highest degree obtained from an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States.

Federal Criminal Record Check

Check all Federal courts in the nation for Federal crimes such as computer fraud and hacking, embezzlement, or forgery.

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Don’t See Your Industry Listed? It Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Help you.

You may need a screening package that is more efficient and cost-effective than other industries that have special requirements and regulations.

To find out how Genesis Background Screening Services can help you with best hiring practices, compliance, and more, contact us for a free consultation.

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