Our Mission

Genesis is a Nationwide background screening company dedicated to assisting our clients in making essential business decisions based on accurate, relevant information. We are driven to provide fast and reliable reporting with 100% accuracy. Our peers, suppliers, and associates trust and respect us. Our customers recognize us for high quality solutions and services that distinguish us as the superior provider in our specific markets. We will follow our own best practice recommendations by hiring and retaining the best employees to serve our clients. Genesis will exercise responsibility as a corporate citizen and commit a portion of our resources to our community.

Customer Service Commitment

Genesis Background Screening Service is not just in the business of providing accurate, essential and timely background checks. First and foremost, it is our business to provide exceptional solutions and support to our clients who need a quality pre-employment screening service.

Our culture at Genesis is based on service. It’s not only our ethical duty, but also our pleasure to exceed our customers’ expectations. We provide exceptional workforce screening solutions to a variety of industries, but our core value is to provide outstanding hiring technology and service to customers in each and every industry we serve.

When you become a Genesis client, we will assign a professional, dedicated team to analyze, customize and deploy a complete background screening solution program for your company. Whether it is our pre-employment screening service, tenant screens, our robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or total solutions, our goal is always the same–bundle a cost effective background screening program that will give you the knowledge you need to select the best employee, tenant, contractor, or business partner.

You can always count on Genesis for support, training, and the highest level of security.  Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation to plan your background screening program and begin to experience the exceptional service and solutions that sets Genesis apart.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the support you've provided me during my time here. You have always been so helpful and attentive, especially with our increased hiring activities. KBM/Pristine Environments is fortunate to have business partners like you. I wish you the best in all that you do."
Pristine Environments
Human Resources Assistant
"Genesis is a welcomed partner in facilitating our background checks. Their customer service has always been above par in meeting our needs. It's important in the hiring process to obtain fast and accurate background results. Genesis continues to meet these needs year after year!"
Reel Security
Human Resources Manager
"Working with Genesis Background Screening has been an amazing experience for Minuteman Parking. They have always made us feel like we were VIPs in their organization with all of our needs. The one-on-one attention you receive from Genesis has made our company not want to look for another background vendor as they have become a partner in our background process."
Talent Acquisition Manager
"We have been with Genesis for a year now and they do a really great job for us! Their prices are reasonable and the turnaround time is very good. Your team is awesome to work with!"
Operations/General Manager
"After 5 years we were tired of the being just another client number to our screening company. So we up and moved to SBS Payroll in the first quarter 2014 who partners with Genesis Background Screening Services. The transition was great. We were up and running before we ran our first payroll with Genesis Background Screening Services and went from waiting up to 2 weeks for a background search with our previous background screeners to less than 24 hours for most applicants and within­ 72 hours depending on the holidays and weekends with Genesis Background Screening Services. The staff is great to work with–yes I said work with–vs the random reps or recorded message you receive from the bigger companies. Genesis will customize for your business needs, offer great packages, and set up different users for your various locations. I would highly recommend both SBS Payroll and Genesis Background Screening Services. Oh, and you can have Genesis Background Screening Services as a stand-alone service too."
Human Resources
"On behalf of the entire HealthPark Hospitality Group Management team, those in the office, and those of us in the field, I would like to express our appreciation for the professional service Genesis provides. The Healthcare Facilities we partner with have very high expectations of the staff we hire, so it is paramount that we partnered with a world-class company that would assist us in determining, through thorough background screening, who these people would be. Genesis has not only met our high standards but has and continues to exceed our expectations. Our managers throughout the country are in daily need of this service, sometime multiple times during the day. The turnaround time is very fast, the reports accurate and in many cases tailored to the specific requirements of the facility. The personal contact the staff at Genesis provides is so helpful, questions are answered thoroughly and expediently. How refreshing to be able to communicate with a real, knowledgeable, and very helpful individual every time we need assistance or have a question. The services Genesis provides, coupled with the personal approach has allowed us to continue to grow at the rapid pace we are fortunate to be experiencing. Thank you from our team to yours – we are so confident that we made the right choice in selecting Genesis for our Background Screening requirements!"
HealthPark Hospitality Group
Regional Director