In Order to Safeguard Employees and the Traveling Public, Employers are Required to Know and Follow the Department of Transportation Regulations and Guidelines for Safety-Sensitive Transportation Employees.

This would include:

  • Businesses that employ truck drivers
  • Pilots
  • Train Conductors
  • Bus Drivers
  • Couriers
  • Taxi
  • Delivery
  • Hazardous Material Transport

If you aren’t sure whether your employee is subject to these regulations, please call one of our Compliance Specialists to find out.

male delivery employee

For best hiring practices and compliance, we recommend the following additional workforce screenings for anyone with employees that are affected by Department of Transportation regulations in addition to the pre-employment package offerings:

D.O.T. approved employee drug screening

The candidate will submit a drug screening specimen at a D.O.T.  approved location and in full compliance with D.O.T.  regulations. All specimens are reviewed at an HHS certified laboratory. This is done through our paperless platform for ease in tracking results – no more paper forms for you to manage

D.O.T. approved physical

The candidate will be evaluated according to D.O.T.  standards

D.O.T. approved random drug screening program management

We have tools to help you manage your random drug screening program to ensure full compliance with D.O.T.  regulations.

D.O.T. approved breath alcohol testing

Job reference check must be specific to D.O.T. related questions

D.O.T. approved employment history verification

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Don’t See Your Industry Listed? It Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Help you.

You may need a screening package that is more efficient and cost-effective than other industries that have special requirements and regulations.

To find out how Genesis Background Screening Services can help you with best hiring practices, compliance, and more, contact us for a free consultation.

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