Do I Need Non Profit  Background Screening? Yes!

non-profit-background-screeningYou love what you do. You make a difference in your community. But just because you are out in the world doing good doesn’t mean that you will only attract volunteers and employees who have the same pure intentions. It’s unfortunate, but it is a part of our modern world. Genesis Background Screening Services offers a full suite of searches for non-profit background screening for organizations, including custom-built searches and offered at a decreased price to meet any budget. Depending on your non-profit’s mission, some of your volunteers may be handling money, accessing personal information, or interacting with vulnerable people. Begin your non profit background screening for your volunteers and employees now to give you peace of mind, protect your mission, and safeguard the reputation of your organization.

Here are the background checks we recommend for non-profit organizations for general volunteers and staff:

Volunteer Pro

Volunteer Pro comparable in scope to our Powerhouse™ search, the Volunteer Pro is a national criminal check that confirms the volunteer’s Social Security Number, 50-state sex offender registry search, and provides address history for the volunteer. Plus, we will check for criminal records for all known aliases.

Volunteer Basic

Volunteer Basic A similar search to the Volunteer Pro, but without the alias check component. Includes national criminal check, confirmation of the volunteer’s Social Security Number, 50-state sex offender registry search, and a list of the volunteer’s address history.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Reports exactly what the DMV has on file for the candidate. Not only will you know if the candidate has a valid driver’s license, it can be used as a tool to verify identity before I-9 and/or E-verify.

For volunteers that have access to personal information, handle money, or interact with vulnerable people, we recommend that you add the following background checks as well:

Credit History Check

Credit History Check Genesis’s background credit checks details the candidate’s financial liabilities and payment history, following the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

County Civil Records Search

County Civil Records Search A live court researcher is dispatched to the county courthouse to check both the upper court and the lower court for civil records.

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