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Do You Consistently Get Consent For Every Background Check?

If your company is performing background checks on all new hires, good for you! Obviously you care about your business, your employees and your customers’ safety. However, if your Human Resources Department has been processing them the same way for years, it’s probably time to check and make sure that your system is up-to-date and compliant.

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Are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Background Checks A Viable Choice?

From building their own websites to recruiting and more, a lot of businesses are finding it is a time and money saver to bring some tasks in-house. If you are thinking about using an online DIY background screening site to handle your background screening, look at your options apples-to-apples. On the surface, the task of performing background screening

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Are You Compliant When Using E-Verify In Your Hiring Process?

Just in case you missed it, a law passed in CA (AB 622) back in October of 2015 which prohibits the use of the E-Verify system that is administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigrations services until after an offer of employment has been made. If you haven’t reviewed your E-Verify usage policies in a while, now is definitely the time to be sure you are compliant.

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How Do I Know Which Pre-Employment Background Checks I Need?

The one basic question that most HR professionals ask when thinking about background screening is: “What should I include in my pre-employment background check?” Finding a perfect-fit screening package for your company’s individual needs may require a custom plan, but there are some constants that will help ensure that only the best applicants are considered for employment.