HR background screening

HR Background Screening: Here’s why it has become important

Your priority is to reduce the risk of violence to your employees and customers, while protecting your business assets. The first line of defense is to do everything possible to prevent violent and dishonest people from getting a foot in your door. A thorough HR background screening can help you find the most qualified employees, but that isn’t the whole story.

candidate without a college degree

Why Should You Consider a Candidate Without a College Degree?

Does your application process automatically eliminate a candidate without a college degree? Obviously, there are many jobs that require a degree, but there are a lot of roles that don’t. Turning down talented, experienced workers for lack of a degree can be a lazy way of weeding through your applicants. When unemployment was high, employers could afford to

employee handbook policies

Do I Really Need An Employee Handbook?

Yes, you really do need an employee handbook. If you don’t have clear guidelines for your employees, there will be misunderstandings and disputes. Without an employee handbook it is also hard to prove that employees know the company policies if there is a termination for violating policy. In addition to dealing with bad hires or employees,

employment screening compliance

Employment Screening Worries for 2019

As an HR person or small business owner, what employment screening worries are on your mind?

1. Laws and regulations change and are hard to keep up with
2. Audits, workplace investigations and fines
3. Unemployment is low and competition for employees challenging, tempted to hire riskier
4. Using “instant” online background screening that may not cover due diligence

invest in employees training

Do You Invest In Employees?

For small businesses especially, there is often no budget allocated for employee training and development.  Once the onboarding process is over, that’s it! This lack of planning for your company’s future needs can end up costing you more in the long run. You will be scrambling to catch up to your competitors who have an employee development program. Their program will help them be innovative and ready for the new opportunities that their company takes on!