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Discussing Politics At Work…Is It Ever A Good Idea?

Whether or not you are typically interested in politics, right now it is hard to ignore the heated topics that are relentlessly thrust in front of us every day. With all the time we spend at work with colleagues, it is natural to want to discuss topics that are on our minds. And although everyone always has their own opinion which should be respected, I don’t remember a time when I have seen

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3 Reasons To Add Professional Background Screening To Your 2018 HR Budget

Can People With An Outstanding Arrest Warrant Buy A Gun and Why Is That My Problem? Unfortunately, with so much violence this year, this is an issue that employers need to think about more for workplace safety and security. It appears that there is a lot of confusion when it comes to determining who can be prohibited from owning a firearm. This year, the FBI has removed

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Will You Be Scrambling This Season To Hire Temporary Workers?

If your company has peaks in business during certain times of the year, you probably have challenges with hiring extra help as you gear up for your busy season. Whether it is due to holiday shoppers, seasonal recreational activity or just your busy time, it’s something you plan for. Since it is typically predictable, don’t hire in haste

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Does Management Listen To Your Employees?

If you have an old school attitude about the relationship between employer and employee, you may think that your staff just needs to come to work, do their job and earn their paycheck. You may expect loyalty, hard work, and adaptability to just happen – after all, you pay for it…right? Would you be surprised to know that according to the Gallup Poll, 51% of the U.S. workforce is not fully engaged

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Do You Remember Your First Interview?

Whether you were the interviewer of the interviewee, most of us have been involved in an interview that was not effective. We know what it looks like and we definitely know what it feels like! At best, traditional interviews don’t bring out the information you really need to make the optimal hiring decision and, at their worst, they can be very ineffective and even illegal.


Do You Have An HR Story To Tell?

Our Research Specialists here at Genesis Background Screening have heard some pretty crazy stories over the years about what HR professionals have to deal with when they need to hire. Whether you are replacing an employee who is moving on or creating new positions with company growth, finding the right talent that has the character you want for your business is challenging.

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Is Illegal Drug Use Affecting Your Workforce?

You might be surprised to find out how many people, that are either on staff or contractors that support your company, come to work impaired. Maybe you drug tested them during your pre-employment process and you think that is enough to ensure that your workplace is free of illegal substances. But with statistics showing that illicit drug use is up at the highest level in 12 years, it is quite likely that you may have employees right now that are abusing drugs.